2015 Ford Thunderbird

Retro cars are catching everyone’s eye now a day’s and 2015 Ford Thunderbird is one of the most sold cars in this categories. The 2015 variant of this legend promises to take this great legacy way ahead. Its successors have been very popular right from ‘50s and even now this vintage car is finding lots of liking from various sections of the society.

2015 - Ford Thunderbird
2015 – Ford Thunderbird

Interior and Exterior

This new variant gives its users a perfect mix of style and elegance along with its ageless looks. This vintage looks comes with superior state of the art features that makes driving it very pleasurable. 2015 Ford Thunderbird has one big change from its previous versions which is that they have replaced there single door design with a two door one.

2015 - Ford Thunderbird
2015 – Ford Thunderbird

The new model is loaded with a front overhang which gives it more proportion. Exteriors of the car have also been modified with steep lines on the front side. They have also replaced the grills and have installed two more spoilers to it. Interior is also very stylish and are more toward mustang kind of styling. It has plenty of leg room and the dashboard is equipped with all the modern amenities.

Engine and Performance of 2015 Ford Thunderbird

2015 - Ford Thunderbird Side View
2015 – Ford Thunderbird Side View

Engine of the car is also very equipped and comes with a 4.0 litre V8 variant. This engine has capacity to give out power of about 252 horsepower and also come equipped with a 5 speed automatic transmission. Based on the current oil price fuel economy of the Ford Thunderbird is something that they have really looked to improve. New model also has a good wheel base which makes driving this car very comfortable. Handling wise also 2015 Ford Thunderbird is much better than its previous version and even is very easy to navigate in the traffic of a city.

Price and Release Date of 2015 Ford Thunderbird

2015-Ford Thunderbird Rear View
2015-Ford Thunderbird Rear View

The 2015 Ford Thunderbird Cost is not out yet. We can anticipate from the tattles that we accumulate that it will be around $30,000 however the authorised data about cost is not discharged yet. Exact price of the car will me only clear when it officially gets open for booking. This car is expected to be launched by Ford accompanying its 60th anniversary which is in mid 2015.

New 2015 Ford Thunderbird is an auto that is very spacious from inside and outside and this makes the cost sensible. 2015 Ford Thunderbird is without a doubt for those individuals who are searching for effective and extravagant cars, which is more productive and conservative.

Amazing and Powerful Ford Thunderbird : YouTube Video

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