2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 – Review and Price

2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 is a luxurious modification redesigned by Galpin Auto Sports.  Galpin it’s expected to come with few upgrades, adjustments and more splendors to freshen it up.

2015 Galpin Ford GTR1
2015 Galpin Ford GTR1

Exterior and Interior

The body of this model is made with ultra-light technology. It is revolutionary and encompasses aluminum and carbon fibers. The beauty is that it is entirely hand-made. This model is fitted with LED headlight and is also a little bit broader than the regular Ford GT. It has a 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in the Pirelli P-Zero tires that is highly rated. The doors lengthen reaching the roof panels and you must open broad. The seat grips are tight and the seats are adjustable.

2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 Interior
2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 Interior

The interior is not changed much. Some luxurious parts are added such as the premium leather upholstery and aluminum central cluster, but the model is a little bit dry. Referring to hi-tech, it has all the standard features and also the McIntosh sound system. This is a car presenting a wild imagination. The interior is familiar though it has an unfamiliar blue color scheme jarring at you. It comes equipped with a tiny steering wheel, horizontal gauges row extending to the center of the dash. You can drive with dignity as the shifting of gears gives natural and easy feel. It ensures an effortless drive. The steering is also very good allowing the driver to correct over -steer occasional bouts with ease. The seats are supportive and comfortable that it preserves things also very well, in case you hit a jarring bump all of a sudden and you do not experience any thrown feel.

Engine and Mileage

2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 Engine
2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 Engine

In terms of performance, this model offers difference from sports cars. There is nothing to match this model with its 5.4 liter turbo-charged V8 engine delivering 1,024 horsepower and torque of 738 pound feet. The model takes 3 seconds to increase speed from 0 mph to 60 mph and the top speed is more than 225 miles per hour.

Price and Release Date

2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 - Rear View
2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 – Rear View

The prices is anticipated to be more than a million dollars, yet car  game aficionados can bear this cost as this is going to be the speediest and greatest treat they ever drove. The model is expected to be released somewhere before the mid of the year 2015.

A super lavish car and this model offer greater wonders with slight modifications and overhauls making the 2015 Galpin Ford GTR1 appear fresher.

YouTube:  Luxurious Galpin GTR 1

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