2016 Ford Endeavour

Review of 2016 Ford Endeavour

2016 Ford Endeavour is a new SUV car with stable engine performance and attractive features. The new Endeavour car is designed on based on the concept of Everest. The Endeavour car features slightly sloping roofline and different boxy look. The improved equipments used in Endeavour helps to generate higher output compared to its previous model. Drivers who want to go for long drive on off road can go for the new Endeavour car.

2016 -  Ford Endeavour
2016 – Ford Endeavour

Exterior and Interior

Endeavour is a five door SUV car. The overall weight of Endeavour will be between 4142 and 4440 lbs. The new SUV car will have 16 inches of alloy wheels with the wheelbase measures of 112.5 inches. The dimension of car includes 199.3 inches of length, 70.4 inches of width, 71.9 inches of height. At the front, it will have a new grille made of chrome trapezoidal grille. The chrome trapezoidal grille consists of two horizontal chrome plates. The company’s logo is designed in the middle of grid. Front lighting includes new sweptback headlight and the fog lights are integrated into bumper at front. The front and rear bumpers is completely redesigned. The chrome frames will be installed around the side of windows.

2016 Ford -  Endeavour Interior
2016 Ford – Endeavour Interior

Inside the car, it has three rows of seats to accommodate 7 passengers. The seats are made using cozy leather material. The center console will be mounted with 8 inches of touch screen. The car will be built with a new 4 way leather steering wheel. The car will also be designed with my ford infotainment systems and dual zone automatic climate control.

Rear View of Ford Endeavour - 2016
Rear View of Ford Endeavour – 2016

Engine and Mileage Specification of 2016 Ford Endeavour

The engine of 2016 Ford Endeavour will come with the same two powerful engine options. The first engine will be a 2.5 liter diesel engine with the output of 143 horsepower and 243 lb feet of torque. The second engine will be a 3.0 liter diesel engine, it generates 156 horsepower. The two engines will be mated with 6 speed manual and automatic transmission.

 Ford Endeavour Engine - 2016
Ford Endeavour Engine – 2016

Price and Release Data

The 2016 Ford Endeavour is expected to cost around $ 33,000 to $ 38,000. The new Ford model car will be available for sale in US market in the early of 2016.

The powerful engine of 2016 Ford Endeavour will produce best engine output with adequate fuel consumption. The SUV car will be the great choice for those people who is longing for a car with greater aerodynamic performance.

Youtube Video 2016 Ford – Endeavour Future Car

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