2016 Ford Ranger – A New Generation Model

2016 Ford Ranger is a compact vehicle. Ford Company has come after a break to the market. The earlier model has some flaws with regard to the weight and size of the vehicle. This new redesigned model Ranger is coming with lower weight, new body and astonishing features. This time it is sure to offer improved performance.

2016 Ford Ranger
2016 Ford Ranger

Interior and Exterior of 2016 Ford Ranger

The interiors will have modern design and lines. The rear and front bumper is redesigned and will look more attractive to the previous model. Interiors come with enhanced features and comfortable seats. The advantage is that the safety in this vehicle is put to top priority levels. The luggage space is spacious and the functional pickup is good. The interiors may be less luxurious than the F-150 cabin,. However, the tiers are high and with the leather upholstery, you can enjoy the few soft touch options. The base models come with conventional cloth seats. The 4.2 inch touch screen is standard, except for the entry level models. This new vehicle will come included with advanced safety features to clear safety regulations and this implies it will include stability control, anti-lock brakes and airbags. There may be blind spot monitors associated with relevant camera may be an optional fit.

2016 Ford Ranger Interior
2016 Ford Ranger Interior

This redesigned new vehicle succeeds its predecessor and includes change in bumpers, headlights and grille. This is developed on the popular platform F-150 model. High grade aluminum and steel are used to manufacture to offer high resistance. This will also reduce the vehicle weight and will be reliable and extremely durable. The headlights are sharper and offer an aggressive appearance, while the grill fits with new style.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford Ranger

The new vehicle will offer power generating 240 hp and torque 270 lb ft with 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine. There will be powerful driving force with 2.3 liter EcoBoost turbo charging engine as it offers 285 hp and torque of 3-6 lb ft with direct injection. Both engines are excellent. Apart from the fuel consumption and safety features, this vehicle includes ecological characteristics.

2016 Ford Ranger Engine
2016 Ford Ranger Engine

Price and Release Date

The price is not officially known, but is anticipated to be around $20000. This car may see day light in the open market in late 2015.

2016 Ford Ranger is yet to be unveiled. So it is anticipated to be visually appealing and to fulfill aspects such as safety and comfort.

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