2016 Ford Excursion

It is declared that 2016 Ford Excursion will be the new weapon for Ford to take the worldwide market domination particularly for SUV to deal with the dominance of Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon. This new car is not a new comer since the car has being slept for rather long

Ford Excursion 2016


Exterior and Interior

It is simply rumored that the car is likely to use the similar platform as Ford-150 base edition. This way would make 2016 Ford Excursion has long and large dimension that is rather different from the present model. With the similar body platform, it is not astonishing if the car has strong as well as powerful look particularly for the bodywork.

Ford Excursion 2016 - Interior
Ford Excursion 2016 – Interior

Other info is still unclear particularly around the cabin. We have no idea at all about the genuine shape of this new car since the new platform. alternatively, its long and big dimension would be helpful in order to present roomy cabin with sufficient space for both head and leg. There is a huge expectation that the company would add improved technology feature to make  Ford Excursion 2016 more stylish than the current model.

 Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion 2016 - Engine
Ford Excursion 2016 – Engine

Until this day, it is reported by several reliable sources that the rumor are totally endless and it is tough to find out regarding the real information. We should admit that there is no precise information so far from the official particularly for the performance. Based on those rumor this great SUV would be supported with two engine option which are V8 engine 5.8 liter as well as V6 engine Ecoboost 3.6 liter to create impressive output together with reduced fuel efficiency for 2016 Ford Excursion.

 Price and Release Date of 2016 Ford Excursion

So far, there is no evidence yet from the official for its precise release date. It seems that the car is prepared to be launched about the next year, in 2016. With unclear info and no confirmation from the official, we do not identify about the anticipated price tag for Ford Excursion 2016.

Ford Excursion 2016 – Rear View

It is a good news for auto lovers particularly Fords’ lovers that this auto will hit its rival of this car since Ford will make several refreshment to lead this being on full size SUV car class. 2016 Ford Excursion will come as the new SUV series that is prepared to master in its market among the main competitor such as Chevy Suburban in addition to GMC Yukon.

Highly Anticiapted SUV of 2016: Ford Excursion 2016: Video


2015 Ford Excursion

2015 Ford Excursion has unique and desirable design. This Ford Excursion 2015 is predicted to help Ford take the superiority of full SUV market over the Chevy Suburban as well as also GMC Yukon. It would be a brand-new comer since the vehicle has been picked up manufacture considering that long era of time ago.

Ford Excursion 2015
Ford Excursion 2015

Exterior and Interior

Not all of the potent vehicle can look in most excellent appearance. however with choose 2015 Ford Excursion specs you will get stylish vehicle that could make you are actually suitable while you are using this vehicle. Although this one is similar to big vehicle, however you still could appear in best look from the best design as well as idea of the exterior. Ford Excursion in 2015 could give you most excellent design from the interior and exterior.

Ford Excursion 2015 - Interior
Ford Excursion 2015 – Interior

From the interior, you could get comfortable design that could make you are and your peas anger in comfy when you are in long trip. With Ford Excursion 2015 you are as well offered with several of media with contemporary and high technology that could make you are really enjoy your journey.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion 2015 - Engine
Ford Excursion 2015 – Engine

Ford in Excursion 2015 is one type of vehicle that offered for you with most excellent engineering. You can get most excellent engineering when you are used this car becomes your car. You would offer with several of diverse series that could you decide depend on what you desire and what you require. 2015 Ford Excursionoffer for you with V-8 in 5.4 liter and could produce power more 320 Hp.Those engines are claim to give grand performance with great fuel effectiveness. Badly, there is no information accessible for the output, the acceleration as well as the top speed with those engine.

Price and Release Date of 2015 Ford Excursion

Price and Release Date has not been confirmed yet.

Ford Excursion 2015 - Side and Rear View
Ford Excursion 2015 – Side and Rear View

Ford is one of car produce that can make you are happy All of the thing in Ford car will be give large attention to make the client feel in satisfied. You could get vehicle in best design and best engineering that could make you are actually comfortable from the good design in addition to engineering. You are as well can get suitable design from Ford car. When you are searching new car with appropriate design and perfect engineering you could choose 2015 Ford Excursion become your vehicle.

Comfortable and Spacious: Ford Excursion 2015: Video