2017 Ford Focus Electric

2017 Ford Focus Electric is new Ford motor corporation automobile that come with the very best Ford motor corporation best Ford models design. This Ford auto has actually been the very best hot hatch from other Ford model on the Ford USA market in addition to other markets for many years but has really been ceased because of the fact that it is rather an old Ford motor company model in addition to it is based on the preceding-generation Ford models.

Ford Focus Electric 2017
Ford Focus Electric 2017

Exterior and Interior

2017 Ford Focus Electric will definitely get revamped front fascia from other Ford models that will definitely look like the present model however it does not implied that there would certainly be no newty at all. The anticipation for 2017 Ford Focus choose reshaped headlights, front bumper as well as refreshed grille. This way, the Ford car would certainly get aggressive look with nice sharp lines for body shape in addition to the curves are smooth to present more effective as well as aerodynamic Ford car design.

Ford Focus Electric 2017 - Interior
Ford Focus Electric 2017 – Interior

The 2017 Focus has comfortable and fresh cabin and it is stated that the car has huge space. The newest Ford Focus system are supported the Ford car with new best trim and it has stylish design then other Ford model. It is likely to see a developed Ford motor for its new generation though there is a claim that the car could go with hybrid power train with all-electric variation.

 Engine and Mileage of 2017 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric 2017 - Charging
Ford Focus Electric 2017 – Charging

2017 Ford Focus would certainly not be the usual 5 cylinder Ford motor though otherwise we will definitely get the similar EcoBoost Ford motor found in the Mustang. This Ford car would be modified to have much better fuel economy in addition to just as strength. The machine will definitely supply about 330 horsepower and as much as 310 pounds-ft of torque than other Ford models.

Release date and Price of 2017 Ford Focus Electric

It sounds like the 2017 Focus electric release date will be slated for the fall to winter month of 2016. Price Starting at $29,700.

Ford Focus Electric 2017 - Rear View
Ford Focus Electric 2017 – Rear View

The Ford Focus has been one of the top-selling compact car that has been appealing to those in search of some of the top feature in a car while not having to pay the cost for one. With the 2017 Ford Focus Electric looking to perk up on the budget minded concept while making it even more proficient while not having to sacrificing on anything on the inside or else outside.

2016 Ford Focus Electric

The 2016 Ford Focus Electric is a 5-door hatchback electric car formed by Ford Motor Company. It was formerly released for the U.S. market in 2011, while in Europe came one year later. It is the corporation’s first full production, all-electric traveler vehicle. It is based on the standard, third generation of Focus. With a big in addition to splendid history of car production, the Ford is prepared to introduce several new classic driving machinery for the fans. There are numerous updates circulate in the industry. However, the expert is looking onward to hear from the Ford.

Ford Focus Electric 2016
Ford Focus Electric 2016

Exterior and Interior

The  Ford Focus Electric 2016 will come with several modifications, while it is about exterior. Most of the changes would be made at the front. New model would feature somewhat different front fascia, with a customized headlights and grille without squashed-like deviation. The rear end would also come slightly modified, however those changes would be barely prominent on the first sight.

Ford Focus Electric 2016 - Interior
Ford Focus Electric 2016 – Interior

When it is regarding interior, 2016 Ford Focus Electric will approach with center-mounted eight-inch touch screen with modernized MyFord Touch infotainment scheme, which features upgraded Bluetooth connectivity as well as several new applications. It comes with grip and stability organize systems and also with a tire tension tracking scheme as standard features. Compared to the standard model, Ford Focus Electric 2016 would feature less payload owing to batteries and other power train components.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric 2016 - Rear View
Ford Focus Electric 2016 – Rear View

When it is about power train, 2016 Ford Focus Electric will come pretty much unaffected. It will feature the similar electric motor rated at 100 kilowatts (130 hp) in addition to 23 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which jointly deliver 92 kW (125 PS; 123 bhp) and 181 lb·ft (245 N·m) of torque. This car has a top speed about 85 mph, while in general fuel economy is equivalent to 105 mpg. Car’s EPA licensed all-electric variety is 76 miles.

Release date and Price of 2016 Ford Focus Electric

The 2016 Focus Electric will come with major 6000 dollars price cut, so base price must be around 29.000 dollars, which is even less than top-selling Nissan LEAF. New model is predictable to come by the end of year.

Ford Focus Electric 2016 - Side View
Ford Focus Electric 2016 – Side View

The vehicle will be initiated with some contemporary mechanical features and specification. After three years of production, corporation plans to make some modifications, so as to keep model fresh. The 2016 Ford Focus Electric will come with numerous changes, both outside and inside the vehicle, while power train will stay pretty much unchanged.

Eco Friendly Ford Focus Electric 2016: Video

2016 Ford Focus Hatchback

Ford is on the way of inauguration its new sport 2016 Ford Focus Hatchback model that is to be released to the worldwide market. This will be diverse from its previous two generation models which were not sold in the U.S marketplace. With its release in to the worldwide market, Ford Focus would once again brush shoulders with its competitor for example Volkswagen Golf R.

2016 - Ford Focus Hatchback
2016 – Ford Focus Hatchback

Exterior and Interior

One glance at the new Ford Focus RS as well as one will be completely amazed at the craftsmanship the maker put in place. It has a more muscular exterior which include larger rear spoilers, copious duct, big wheels as well as tires. To make the exterior even more impressive is a large bar on the grille that complements its aggressive exterior. Wheel is 19-inch RS alloy wheels multi-spoke.

2016 - Ford Focus Hatchback Interior
2016 – Ford Focus Hatchback Interior

The manufacturer upgrade 2016 Ford Focus Hatchback interior, giving this a more performance motivated look. The seats have been prepared sportier; with added side bolstering that holds the driver definitely when going throughout corners as well as bumpy roads. A thick rim has been put on the steering wheel with a combine of Alcantara trim and colored edging. This layout resembles that of a usual Ford Focus with superior equipment

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford Hatchback

When it comes to the power train, Ford Focus would be powered by a 2.3l 4 cylinder (inline-4) Eco boost engine, mated to a 6 speed manual gear box.

2016 - Ford Focus Hatchback Side View
2016 – Ford Focus Hatchback Side View

It is up till now to be confirmed what the delivery would be for the Focus RS, though it would not be less than the Mustang’s. Considering the presentation of this engine in other automotive having a close relation to the Focus, then it is safe to create a supposition that the Focus will have better fuel effectiveness rates.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Ford Hatchback

Given that Focus ST is priced over $25,000, then sport 2016 Ford Focus Hatchback price would most probable go for $ 37,850 (Est). We do not expect to see this new model until middle this year, considering its preceding generations debuted delayed in their model years.

2016 - Ford Focus Hatchback Rear View
2016 – Ford Focus Hatchback Rear View

The high-performance sub compact cars have turned into very popular in the previous few years, especially among the younger drivers. Every larger car manufacturer present this sort of a car and the Ford Corporation is also there. Now we are expectant the new Hatchback, which is expected to come out soon. The new 2016 Ford Focus Hatchback would come with new styling, and with outstanding performance to show.

Video: Highly Anticipated Ford Hatchback

2015 Ford Focus Electric

The 2015 Ford Focus Electric is a completely new vehicle with the “Focus” on a clean Energi. With simply a glance, it is simple to see the dynamic of this car. This handsome has a gaze that commends the concentration from any angle and it showcases a stylish profile with flowing and clean lines. The wheels are accessible in different designs which comprise a SE, an S and titanium, as well as will be accessible in different option which are 15, 16, 17 or 18 inch.

2015 - Ford Focus Electric
2015 – Ford Focus Electric

Exterior and Interior

The interior of the 2015 Ford Focus Electric is stunning. The center heap has been re-imagined while the tech used would be inspiring. Also, this Focus would have new seats for its Titanium, SE in addition to S trims. The car would have new package for a look. The up style and comfort for this new model would include the leather trimmed seat that have eight way power driver seat, the LEDs signature light with new 17-inch aluminum wheel.

2015 - Ford Focus Electric Interior
2015 – Ford Focus Electric Interior

New Year model comes with new design which is typically evident at front end. It has new grille shaped in extensive hexagonal fashion with chrome stripes. New hood is as well different and it is obvious that Focus is created this way to more intimately look like Ford’s other models, Fusion plus Escape. Roof falls back quite rapidly and finish with roofline spoiler in hatchback model. Rear end has restyled trunk lid as well as fresh lamp clusters plus is generally much less altered compared to the front end.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Ford Focus Electric

2015 - Ford Focus Electric Engine
2015 – Ford Focus Electric Engine

The engine of Ford Focus Electric or else rather, the 2015 Ford Focus shows that the performance as well as the efficiency of the car could be found in one engine. The car would have 1.0L Ecoboost engine with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. As the 2015 Ford Focus Electric would be 100 percent electric, it would not emit any CO2. The other engine must be a 2.0-liter engine, the similar one like in 2015 Ford C-Max.

Price and Release Date of 2015 Ford Focus Electric

The price plus date of release date is yet to be declared, but some rumors say that would come by the ending of this year. Ford Focus Electric would cost around $35,000.

2015 - Ford Focus Electric Rear View
2015 – Ford Focus Electric Rear View

Fresh new 2015 Ford Focus deserves to be waited for since it brings not simply fresh design, but new extremely fuel-efficient engine choice. 2015 Ford Focus Electric also come with many choices in trim level to be reasonable to all.

Eco Friendly from Ford Focus Electric: Video

2015 Ford Focus ST

The 2015 Ford Focus ST is sportier and has a light and breezy aura. The car entices people to go for long drives. Its features are soft and friendly. With seating capacity of up to 5 people, you can use the car for regular commuting on weekdays and take your family to fun rides on weekends.

2015 - Ford Focus ST
2015 – Ford Focus ST

Exterior and interior details

The car does not have an intimidating exterior. It is a nice-looking city road car. The grille at the front is large, which gives the Focus a strong personality. No longer is the grille divided in several sections. The headlamps are narrower in looks than their previous avatars. If you choose ST2 or ST3, then you will enjoy HID headlamps. A host of standard exterior features ups the Focus’s functional value. The 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lamps, and, keyless entry and ignition, add sophistication to it. The majestic LED running lights are available in all the trims.

2015 - Ford Focus ST Interior
2015 – Ford Focus ST Interior

The interior has features like easily adjustable driver’s seat, leather covered steering wheel with tilt and telescoping feature meaning you would be able to have the wheel at the right angle and enjoy being on the driving seat. The dashboard of the 2015 Ford Focus ST has voice-activated Sync, CD player with 6-speakers ensuring entertainment for all 5 passengers. The bucket front seats allow for extra comfortable ride for both driver and the front passenger. The 2015 Ford Focus ST 3 offers heated seats and heated steering wheel. The rear seats can be folded in 60/40 fashion. It means you will be able to keep your cargo comfortably. The seats have the leather upholstery and depending on the trim you could choose a two toned option for you.

Engine and mileage of 2015 Ford Focus ST

2015 - Ford Focus ST Engine
2015 – Ford Focus ST Engine

A 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Ecoboost inline turbocharged engine powers up the Focus. The engine is expected to provide 252 hp with a torque of 270 pound-ft. For greater efficiency, the powertrain is run on 6-speed manual transmission. It also means quicker acceleration along with higher fuel saving. In recent road tests, the 2015 Focus could accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 6.6 seconds. Its mpg is 23-city roads and 32-highways.

Price and release date of 2015 Ford Focus ST

2015 - Ford Focus ST Rear View
2015 – Ford Focus ST Rear View

Its base price will be $24,370. I should be in the showrooms in the middle of 2015.

The styling of the Focus has been done with great detailing. The engine should be impressive in performance and economically viable as well. The availability of several trim levels ensures luxurious ride. Surely, the 2015 Ford Focus ST aims at providing good value for money.

Video: Stunning and Stylish Ford Focus ST

2016 Ford Focus ST

The 2016 Ford Focus ST is the branded state of the art car to be launched by colossal American multinational corporation Ford. The Focus series of Ford is a compact car which outpaced its competitor Toyota Corolla to find its place in the top list of the 50 best cars in the renowned British magazine “CARS”. This series is mass-produced with the concept of hitting the small and nuclear family run cars. European-developed chassis, the Focus is a practical hatchback offering a rare blend of pace, style and accuracy.

2016 - Ford Focus ST
2016 – Ford Focus ST

Exterior and Interior of 2016 Ford Focus ST

The compact car will be a 4-Door Front Wheel Drive having exterior features that will make it an impeccable hatchback vehicle. The exterior of the car includes front black grille that is chrome plated, black rocker mouldings, black coloured power mirrors that is manually folded accompaniedwith integrated blind spot mirrors. The front and rear bumpers are body coloured. The impressive dragon eyed quad-beam halogen headlamps gives it a flawless striking look. The Focus provides standard Easy Fuel cap less fuel filler where filling-up of fuel is smooth and hasty. It curtails smog-forming evaporative emissions. After the filling-up of fuel is complete and the nozzle removed, the filler automatically seals shut. The panels are fully galvanized, fitted with light weighted tinted glass and variable intermittent wipers.

2016 - Ford Focus ST Interior
2016 – Ford Focus ST Interior

The most noticeable feature inside the 2016 Ford Focus ST is the SYNC with My Ford Communications/Entertainment System that is voice-activated, 911 Assisted, and VHR with SYNC Services,AppLink, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls, USB port and an auxiliary input jack. The Instrument panel consists of Speedometer, Odometer, Oil Pressure, Engine Coolant Temp, Tachometer, Outside Temp Gauge, Supercharger Boost, Oil Temperature, Trip Odometer and Trip Computer. Safety features include Securilock Anti-Theft Ignition (pats) Engine Immobilizer with a Perimeter Alarm. The rear seat has a 60-40 Folding arrangement with front and rear head Restraints that is manually adjustable.

Engine and Mileage

2016 -  Ford Focus ST Engine
2016 – Ford Focus ST Engine

The 2016 Ford Focus ST will be powered by a 247bhp 2-litre petrol turbo unitin line with an option of 182bhp 2-litre turbo diesel engine with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. The engine accelerate at 0-62mph at a minimal time of 8.1sec with a maximum torque of 4000rpm.The mileage is rated at 110g/km and 67.3mpg for the diesel engine compared to 159g/km and 41.5mpg for the petrol engine. The suspension has a new Electronic Transitional Stability function that is an advanced form of ESP to maintain stability during high speed turnings. The ultimate performance of the engine will however vary due to environmental conditions, driving style and many other parameters.

2016 Ford Focus ST – Price and Release Date

The price for Focus ST will range from $ 24,450 to $ 30,000. The automobile is expected to hit the US market in the early of 2016.

2016 - Ford Focus ST Rear View
2016 – Ford Focus ST Rear View

The 2016 Ford Focus ST means serious business with its high tech performance, new looks, new diesel power and a choice of both five-door hatchback and estate models, the latter commanding a price slightly more. It is no doubt that the Ford Performance is categorized as enhanced technology clubbed withultra-highsleek style.

Video: Stunning and Powerful Ford Focus ST

2015 Ford Focus Facelift Price And Release Date

2015 Ford Focus Facelift will accommodate up to five people and will give the expected comfort inside.  Its high-tech appeal and compelling modern design with very sophisticated features is certain to attract new buyers.

2015 Ford Focus Facelift
Ford Focus Facelift – 2015 Car

Exterior and Interior

The exterior design is new and will have a standard rear view camera to assist the driver. The exterior will have a bold new look emulating the designs and its advanced technology. 2015 Ford Focus Facelift model presents a stylish look featuring a restyled grille and hood, signature lighting for tail lamps and head lamps, restyled trunk lid and new rear lamp clusters. There will be four door and five door versions available in the U.S.

2015 Ford Focus Facelift Interior
Ford Focus 2015 Facelift

The interior is also completely revised and has new advanced technologies to ensure improved customer safety and comfort. The driver assist technology will have blind sport information system and the lane keeping system.  The leading edge in car technologies is sure to make your drive more enjoyable. The inside materials and colors have a clean look with satin chrome detailing, new switches, seat trims and heated steering wheel. The storage is improved presenting an easy access glove box and adjustable cup holders.

Rear View of 2015 Ford Focus Facelift
2015 Rear View of Ford Focus Facelift

Advanced technologies include package of sensors offering a new level of convenience. The rearview camera will display on a 4.2 inch screen or 8 inch screen coming with equipped card as MyFord Touch. Drivers can integrate their apps to communicate with SYNC AppLink. The connected apps can access speed, odometer, acceleration and location information. There will be electronic stability program system providing improved comfort, quietness and less intrusion. The drivers will always experience a more connected feel to the road.

Engine and Mileage

Under the hood of 2015 Ford Focus Facelift will have regular unleaded I-4 engine type and will use the direct gasoline injection fuel system.  It is expected to get 160 hp at 6500. This 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine with six-speed transmission raises the fuel efficiency surpassing the previous model.

2015 Ford Focus Facelift Engine
Ford Focus 2015 Facelift Engine

2015 Ford Focus Facelift Price and Release Date

The price is expected to be a bit expensive than its previous model. It may be available at $17,995 to $24, 495. It is worth spending a little more and the outside and the inside of the car is great looking. The release date may be soon with the year 2015 beginning.

The latest design of this car is sure to appeal to contemporary consumers looking for a small car with classy and stylish features. 2015 Ford Focus Facelift assures great drive and value for money.

2015 Ford Focus Facelift Beautiful Car – Video

2015 Ford Focus Electric – Engine and Specifications

2015 Ford Focus Electric is a new compact hatchback electric car with impressive exterior and best engine performance. Ford worked hard on the new electric version car that would really appeal the car drivers with its unique features.

2015 Ford Focus Electric
2015 Ford Focus Electric

Exterior and Interior

The electric hatchback is a five door car. The exterior of the car will be very stylish and aggressive. The wheelbase measures 104.3 inches in length. The overall weight of the compact electric car is 3624 lbs. The wheel is made of light weighted aluminum material. The headlight is of Focus Electric car will be bigger. It has 61.2 inches of front track and 60.4 inches of rear track.

2015 Ford Focus Electric Interior
2015 Ford Focus Electric Interior

Inside the car, you could notice a wider cabin and advanced components. The compact electric car has 5 seating capacity which allows space to 5 adult passengers. The Focus Electric car offers lots of safety features such as alarm system, child seat anchor, child locks, and head protection airbag, anti brake system and driver side airbag. Interior of the car includes 43.7 inches of leg room, 38.3 inches of head room, 55.6 inches of shoulder room and 53.9 inches of hip room.

Rear View of 2015 Ford Focus Electric
Rear View of 2015 Ford Focus Electric

Engine and Mileage Details

The compact electric car is equipped with an electric motor engine. The electric motor engine has the capacity to produce 143 horsepower at TBD rpm and 181 lb feet of torque at TBD rpm. The electric engine of the car is combined with 1 speed fixed ratio to enhance the performance. The Focus electric car provides the turning radius of 40.7 ft. The electric motor of the car is powered by 23KWh of battery pack. The 23 KWh lithium ion battery power will be heated in order improve the power efficiency of the car. The hatchback electric car achieves the top speed of 84 mph. Focus Electric can spilt up from 0 to 60 mph in 10.1 seconds. The EPA rates of Focus Electric stands at 99 mpg in highway, 110 mpg and 105 mpg in combined drive.

2015 Ford Focus Electric Engine
2015 Ford Focus Electric Engine

Price and Release Data

The base model of Focus Electric car will cost around $ 29,995 to $ 35,170. The hatchback car is expected to be sold in the US showroom in the beginning of 2015.

You could find plenty of interesting interior features which make the focus electric car more attractive. 2015 Ford Focus Electric would be a decent option for you to gain amazing travelling experience.

Video – 2015 Ford Focus Electric Spectacular Car

2016 Ford Focus RS Reveals Functional Changes

2016 Ford Focus RS is coming with a new surprises. The new model looks too hot to be flicked on a super-special rally stage.

2016 Ford Focus RS
2016 Ford Focus RS

Exterior and Interior of 2016 Ford Focus RS

The exterior is sporting a body kit with a worthy RS badge. The front end presents a large grille trapezoidal and it is associated by a splitter in the front extending down. It presents the intercooler in a nice view. The outboard openings are large that keeps the front bumper air to cool front brakes and fog lamps and vertically mounted. In fact, the side profile represents very much the RS style as each wheel arch is widened to accommodate 19 inch light alloy wheels. The rear end design looks appealing with a gigantic aerodynamic diffuser and this helps car to accomplish better force while reducing the drag. There is no usage of lightweight materials and is now available in four colors blue, gray, black and white.

2016 Ford Focus RS Interior
2016 Ford Focus RS Interior

The new interior is replete featuring a flat-bottomed steering wheel, standard Recaro sports seats and ending with a multitude of badges. The entire package has alloy sports pedals, additional instrument cluster on the center console top and a new shifter with matching graphics to display the boost pressure, oil  pressure and oil temperature. The new model offers SYNC connectivity to access number of features such as the climate control system, sat-nav, audio system, 8 inch touch screen or voice commands. This car can also find a race track and SYNC will help with directions to any public circuit that is at the closest. The steering wheel looks good in leather wrapped rim and the alloy pedal covers look unique with the graphics. All the amenities offered are exceptional and the standard is the heavily bolstered Recaro-brand sport seats.

Rear View of 2016 Ford Focus RS
Rear View of 2016 Ford Focus RS

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford Focus RS

The car features 2.3-liter, EcoBoost, four-cylinder engine delivering 316 horsepower. The intake is improved ensuring better airflow, while the exhaust features an electronically controlled valve to give higher/lower sound output. It will cover 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

2016 Ford Focus RS Engine
2016 Ford Focus RS Engine

2016 Ford Focus RS Price and Release Date

The starting price of this model is expected to be close to $40,000 in the U.S. It will hit the market by the end of 2015.

The new car does not have many changes, but has added several scoops and wings for cooling and down force throughout the car. 2016 Ford Focus RS package have functional changes, not just cosmetic.

2016 Ford Focus RS Future Car – Video

2015 Ford Focus Offers Warm Appeal

2015 Ford Focus is in the line nameplate top and fits the features of being appealing and fun, yet additionally reasonable. It is sure to ensure no awful memories and will offer extensive variety of models.

2015 Ford Focus
2015 Ford Focus

Exterior and Interior of 2015 Ford Focus

The exterior of this car will offer incredible execution deal. It will come with 17 inch dark aluminum wheels, oar shifters, H-appraised tires and good suspension. The new model has a clear front end. There is grille molded with chrome stripes features in a wide hexagonal style. The hood is distinctive and is molded along the lines. The top falls quickly completing the roofline spoiler. The restyled trunk cover is on the backside and new light groups is been significantly changed very little in contrast to the front end.  The taillights showcase a different pattern and the hatch modified includes a roof spoiler in a different style such that the bumper attains a larger black insert.

2015 Ford Focus Interior
2015 Ford Focus Interior

Inner part this new model has experienced numerous progressions. The dashboard is really distinctive and much more straightforward. The seats will accompany feature cowhide upholstery featuring French creases, while the higher end models will feature delicate touch materials. The base model accompanies less specialized subtle elements and controls, but includes shade touch-screen favoring utilization of route, radio streaming and a lot more peculiarities. There is a little less legroom at the back, but not very uncomfortable. It has Sony sound framework and accompanies ten speakers in association with a subwoofer. It also has safety features including the security control, rearview cam, side drapery airbags and front side airbags latch and some more.  The parking brake is new with the motorist seat and the wheel showcases three spokes and individual buttons.

Rear View of 2015 Ford Focus
Rear View of 2015 Ford Focus

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Ford Focus

Fuel productivity is excellent and delivers 27 mpg in the city and on the roadway as 38 mpg with automatic transmission, while with manual transmission it is 26/36 mpg. The new three-chamber motor may give 32 mpg in the city and on the highway 45 mpg. Under the hood of all models the power liberates at 160hp and torque is 146 lb ft.

2015 Ford Focus Engine
2015 Ford Focus Engine

Price and Release Date

Prices anticipated to start from around $25,000 and to reach into $30,000. The current model retails from $24,115. The release date may be early 2015.

2015 Ford Focus emphasizes an aggressive appeal with modified grille features as the honeycomb patterns and presents a cleaner appearance with bumper extensions.

Amazing Future Car 2015 Ford Focus – Youtube Video