2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT Truth or Hoax?

Is the new 2015/2016 Ford Torino GT Truth or Hoax? 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT is designed by the most prevalent car manufacturer in America. It is expected that the new 2015 Torino will be among the most demanded muscle car once it is released to the marketplace. This is credited to the fact that it is expected to have features that make it elegant and also offer great performance. As a result numerous lovers of muscle cars and auto analysts are keenly waiting for this vehicle to sample its feature.

 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT
Ford Torino GT 2015 / 2016

Exterior and Interior

This car is anticipated to be designed to have a fashionable and contemporary look. The front side of the new Ford Torino 2015 / 2016 will have a curved shrill look and would not have any bumpers. This vehicle will be around five inches longer than the preceding model in order to accommodate the numerous features. It will have twenty inch alloy wheels which makes it a powerful vehicle in all angles.

2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT
Ford Torino GT 2015 / 2016

There would be an eight inch LCD display on the dashboard that will be used to control numerous functions of the vehicle. The navigation wheel has been lowered a bit to allow better handling. The seating of this new 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino will be covered with leather and there is plenty leg space for the travelers and the driver.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT

Ford wantrd to create this car similar to its other muscle cars and as the result it is has put a powerful engine in it. This new Ford Torino 2015 / 2016 is powered by a 5.0 liter V8 Ti-VCT engine from Ford Mustang GT. This engine is capable to produce 435 horsepower, using 93-octane fuel in addition to a torque of 400 lb-ft.

Release date and Price of 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT

The new 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT is expected to be released during the last quarter of 2015 of early 2016 and is anticipated to cost about $ 40,000 which is a fair value considering its features.

2015/ 2016 Ford Torino GT - FI
Ford Torino GT 2015 / 2015

The company is very popular with its ultra muscle car, the Mustang which has been in market for decades. Since 1974, Ford has been working , redesigning and improving the car by several means. Today, its going to be 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT that will create ultra power and performance.

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