2015 Ford Super Chief

2015 Ford Super Chief is a car equipped with a supercharged engine and will be known as the most useful car in the future. This car looks appealing with aeronautical signal of P-51 Mustang and the cabin dimensions are excellent.

2015 - Ford Super Chief
2015 – Ford Super Chief

2015 Ford Super Chief Exterior and Interior

The exterior of 2015 Ford Super Chief has LED lights holding tough. This is in aluminum and is light weight car. The exterior presents cutting-edge innovation and you will notice the car is stable. It has a remarkable look and is one of the master pieces. It is a big, bold looking car boasting of ultra modern look, power and massive interior space. The LED headlights and the front grill are impressive. The rear is the same with bright long LED lights. It offers sufficient ground clearance.

2015 Ford - Super Chief Interior
2015 Ford – Super Chief Interior

The interior seat is in brown, while the floor is in wood and has glass ceilings. The interior is elegant and there is separate section making your car more beautiful. There is an addition of two rows of seats with own pillows. It has enough security features. The interiors of the car do not contradict the exterior. The interior has luxurious leather seats, wood accents, extra cushions, polished aluminum and glass ceiling. There are enough safety features such as traction control systems, curtain and side airbags offering the essential cushioning in case there is an accident and stability control.  There is blocker beam reducing the amount of damage and the cabin space is larger. The entertainment features include Bluetooth connectivity, FM/AM radio, MP3player and CD player, and more.

Rear View of 2015 Ford - Super Chief
Rear View of 2015 Ford – Super Chief

Engine and Mileage

Under the hood, 2015 Ford Super Chief is a Tri-Flex fueling system. It has three types of fuel allowing choosing between E85 ethanol, gasoline or hydrogen. You can switch the fuel options at your own will. Hydrogen offers efficient performance and the exhaust is also much cleaner than other fuel options. Under the hood is 6.8L Supercharged V-10-engine delivering 550 hp.

Ford Super Chief Engine - 2015
Ford Super Chief Engine – 2015

2015 Ford Super Chief Price and Release Date

The price is not known, yet it is expected to be more expensive. It may be in starting in $60,000 to $ 65,000. It is expected officially in 2015 September. Many are optimistic that will be seen earlier than the official date 2015, but it has not hit the market.

The attractive point is the fuel features and the eco-friendly option reducing emission of CO2. The powerful and torque rich engine is an interesting addition. The advantage is that on buying 2015 Ford Super Chief it is easy to take on uneven terrains or the wild country roads.

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