2016 Ford Escort

2016 Ford Escort is a car that demands respect. This car will induce confidence in the driver because of its classy looks. If you are a family person then you will definitely want to consider purchasing it. Nevertheless, those, who simply wish to drive in style, will also find the car worthy of their attention.

2016 - Ford Escort
2016 – Ford Escort

Exterior and interior specifications of 2016 Ford Escort

The exterior design of the Escort is breathtaking. The contours are smooth. The large grille, which has become a common is most of the cars, dominates the front. The two headlamps set at an angle have a slender appearance. They provide a narrowed look to the hood. The soft lines on the sides go all the way to end of the car giving it a friendly appearance. Moreover, because of the lines the 2016 Ford Escort shines in a spectacular way, which is visually pleasing. The LED lights have a clean appearance and keep up the sturdy personality of the Escort. The sheet metal looks supple in the way it covers the entire car. The doors appear longer than they did in the previous Ford sedans. The wheels will measure 18 inches.

2016 - Ford Escort  Interior
2016 – Ford Escort Interior

Not much information is available about the 2016 Ford Escort interior. However, taking into consideration Ford’s interior styling in the previous models, some of guesses can be made. It is expected that there will be ample cabin space with contoured seats offering good amount of comfort. The dashboard will have a navigation screen with infotainment controls right in the middle. Hence, for the driver managing entertainment inside the car will not be cumbersome at all. The seats will be covered in high quality leather while the rest of the interior will have a soft material covering.

Engine and mileage

2016 - Ford Escort Side View
2016 – Ford Escort Side View

The carmaker has been tightlipped about 2016 Ford Escort’s engine. Nevertheless, according to Ford enthusiasts, the hood will have a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine expected to promise at least 160hp. Ford will definitely release its Ecoboost version offering 270hp.

Price and release date of 2016 Ford Escort

2016 - Ford Escort  Rear View
2016 – Ford Escort Rear View

As always, the Escort is expected to be available with a host of add-on on features, which will come at an added price. But its base price should be around $17,000. It should hit the market in the first half of 2016.

Ford lovers should not be disappointed with the 2016 Escort because it does have promising looks. The car has a balanced look and does not look overpowering. Its interior is comfortable with space, which should keep your kids happy. Wait for the 2016 Ford Escort for more information about it.

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