2016 Ford GT Supercar

The 2016 Ford GT Supercar is set to be launched by the colossal American multinational corporation Ford Motor company. It is a two seated sports car fashioned from Ford GT40 racing cars. Assembled in Markham, Ontario and Canada the sports car is expected to hit high in the market demand of racing cars.

2016 - Ford GT Supercar
2016 – Ford GT Supercar

Exterior and Interior

The 2-coupe 2016 Ford GT Supercar tapers to a point at the two exhaust outlets. The doors are slightly hinged up that don’t come up to the roof portions. The aluminium front and rear sub-frames are covered in carbon fibre body panels. The sports car is also equipped with fine pushrod suspension, dihedral doors and an active aerodynamic body. Overall the car is sleek with sloping windshield and an adjustable rear spoiler.

2016 - Ford GT Supercar  Interior
2016 – Ford GT Supercar Interior

The interior of the racing carhas been finely crafted with a high-end interior. According to Ford vice-president Moray Cullum “there are a lot of excess materials”. The instrument panel has a floating wing with two-tier design. The gauge cluster is a large LCD display that brings out all information at the tip of the finger. The fixed seating position has an adjustable steering wheel and pedal to accommodate drivers of all shape and sizes fixed and perfectly adjusted.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford GT Supercar

2016 - Ford GT Supercar  Engine
2016 – Ford GT Supercar Engine

The 2016 Ford GT Supercar will be powered by 3.5 litre twin turbocharged Eco-boost V6 engine having 7-speed semi-automatic transmission system. The engine can at a time transmit more than 600 horse power. The maximum speed of the car will be more than 200 miles per hour. Due its lightweight carbon fibre construction, the Ford GT is expected to be the best power-to-weight ratios output vehicle. The car can accelerate from 0-60 in a minimal time of 60 seconds. The mileage is has been kept a secret. The ultimate performance of the engine will however vary due to environmental conditions, driving style and many other parameters.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Ford GT Supercar

The MSRP for the Ford GT Supercar will start from just about $ 1, 00,000. The price will go higher with its enhanced and top models. The car is likely to be launched from the mid of 2016 to the beginning of 2017.

2016 - Ford GT Supercar  Rear View
2016 – Ford GT Supercar Rear View

The 2016 Ford GT Supercar will be Ford GT cars second generation. The mid-engine sports car has been renamed as Mustang and Thunderbird to maintain its heritage and brand value. The 2016 will be marked as 50 years to the Ford GT series and its silver jubilee will be celebrated on the 24 hours, 2016th year, at Le Mans.

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