2016 Ford GT 40

2016 Ford GT40 would come with the large change after long release in 2005. It had surprised auto lovers in North American worldwide Auto Show in Detroit which is being a huge show supercar. Now, 2016 GT40 come with new stimulant in engine and contemporary technology for the eventual experience.

2016 - Ford GT 40
2016 – Ford GT 40

Exterior and Interior

Construction resources of this car are made of combination of aluminum plus carbon fiber. Aluminum make up the sub frames for the car’s front as well as rear, while carbon fiber make up most of the respite of the car. Design of this 2016 Ford GT40 is unquestionable pretty stylish. Ford intended to make a more striking cuts counting enormous gaps in the car rear fender that demonstrate this 2016 GT40 that is intended tightly dense. At the front side, it is decorated with contemporary LED headlight. The GT supercar is as well featured with back-wheel drive, a mid-mounted engine, as well as two-door coupe body sells.

2016 - Ford GT 40 Interior
2016 – Ford GT 40 Interior

Up until now, Ford did not give much info concerning the details of this super car. However, the corporation said that there would be a steering wheel that is parallel to Formula One Cars which is presenting button right on the wheel for significant controls. The stylish features are as well applied in this 2016 GT40 with completely modern digital buttons as well as completely configurable display.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford GT 40

2016 - Ford GT 40 Side View
2016 – Ford GT 40 Side View

2016 Ford would come with a new twin-turbo, 3.5 liter V6 Eco Boost engine that is to generate 600hp feature an extensive power band with imposing time to torque feature. . It is more influential compared to the final version of GT which merely produces 550 hp with V8 engine. The engine is situated in the mid of the vehicle in order to get a ideal weight balance for the car.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Ford GT 40

As the 2016 Ford GT 40 enters the production phase only during 2016, it could be expected for sale throughout the last quarter of 2016. Although the cost of the new GT-40 has not yet revealed by the manufacturer, it is anticipated to carry a superior base price than its precursor, which is now accessible at $140,000.

2016 - Ford GT 40 Rear View
2016 – Ford GT 40 Rear View

The new model sedan features the mainly influential production engine ever to acquire more power output than its precursor. The 2016 Ford GT 40 is an all-fresh super sedan that set new standards for Ford newty in the course of presentation by way of progress in light-weighting, ultra-efficient Eco Boost engine as well as aerodynamics.

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