2016 Ford Ranger Diesel

First particulars have been appear about new 2016 Ford Ranger Diesel. As we have all been witness these last decade or else so, US compacted truck market has been quite dull and uninspiring. Main cause for that was the lack of contest, but with GM ingoing the fray again, stuff are bound to get more fascinating.

Ford Ranger Diesel 2016
Ford Ranger Diesel 2016

Exterior and Interior

As for the real body, US-based 2016 Ford Ranger Diesel will be smaller than its abroad counterparts as well as will perhaps be made in unibody steel frame. It will not be as illustrious as its larger cousin and will present smaller rectangular grille with conformist angular head lights. It must still be able to tow sufficient for more pragmatic buyer’s requirements, and its fuel efficiency would be better in order that it offers several distinct features of its own, sooner than just being a lesser copy of Ford’s flagship F-150 pickup.

Ford Ranger Diesel 2016 - Interior
Ford Ranger Diesel 2016 – Interior

Ranger’s interior will not be as lavish as the cabin of F-150, however its higher tiers must still offer some leather upholstery as well as a few soft-touch option. alternatively, base models would come with conventional cloth seating and everything else you require made of modern affordable materials.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford Ranger Diesel

Ford Ranger Diesel 2016 - Engine
Ford Ranger Diesel 2016 – Engine

New Ranger would most likely be moved with 4-cylinder engine only and perhaps won’t get diesel option, at least not in the state. However, foreign market benefit from these choice, and V6 engines as well, however this Ranger is approximately a full-size truck which likely US version definitely won’t be. With all aforementioned taken into account, 2.3L and 2.7L EcoBoost 4-cylinders appear as natural choice, while 6-speed automatic transmission, as well as both front and all-wheel drive must be offered also.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Ford Ranger Diesel

2016 Ford Ranger Diesel ought to be some $5,000 cheaper than its larger cousin and $20,000 to $40,000 range seem fair enough. 2016 Ford Ranger is not yet definite for the US market, however don’t let it astonish you when next generation of Ford’s lesser pickups starts to roll the street of its current market, and possibly even the street of USA.

Ford Ranger Diesel 2016 - Rear View
Ford Ranger Diesel 2016 – Rear View

The new 2016 Ford ranger represent the essence of modernity in its section. It comes with new features which make it an esteem in the trucks section. It will be sportier, sleeker, fashionable and with improved presentation. 2016 Ford Ranger Diesel will certainly make a firm comeback the globe market.

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