2016 Ford Raptor Shelby

For the 2016 model year, Ford is preparing to bring back their beast, the 2016 Ford Raptor Shelby. It has been almost five years ever since the Raptor first appeared on to the scene and proves itself to be one of the utmost stout and tenacious truck around. Now, several recently surfaced spy shot of the new model have gotten the entire truck enthusiast talking.

2016 - Ford Raptor Shelby
2016 – Ford Raptor Shelby

Exterior and Interior of 2016 Ford Raptor Shelby

By the look of the spy shoots, the 2016 Ford Raptor Shelby would feature a parallel body as the 2015 model of the usual F-150. It will expectantly be built mainly from aluminum panel, same as the new F-150, thus improving its fuel effectiveness. It would keep its signature F-150 ponderous grille as well as hood bends as well as bulges and would hopefully achieve some new high-intensity discharge (HID) headlight that present greater visibility.

2016 - Ford Raptor Shelby Interior
2016 – Ford Raptor Shelby Interior

Not much regarding the interior could be distinguished from spy shots, however judging by several of the previous model, who have all feature an outstanding interior, the within of the 2016 Ford Raptor could only get better. Anticipate several high quality material and great comfort, in addition to an ample quantity of room. As well, expect several top of the line specs as well as high tech features.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ford Raptor Shelby

2016 - Ford Raptor Shelby Side View
2016 – Ford Raptor Shelby Side View

Consistent with a source that was capable to be come close to the car, the 2016 Ford Raptor Shelby would be powered by Ford’s Eco Boost V-6 engine, which will make an exemplary option for the new Raptor. It has a capacity of producing up to 365 horse power at 5,000 rpm as well as 420 lb-ft of torque on 2,500 rpm. This engine has yet more prospected of being used since the 6.2L V-8 was discontinuing in the 2015 F-150.

Price and Release Date

With no official release date or else any price info being made public, we are all left to wonder. Our forecast is that the 2016 Ford Raptor would hit the show rooms sometime late in 2015. As for the value, expect this to slightly increase from the price of the present F-150 Raptor, however not to greatly deviate. So, about $50,000 ought to be the starting price.

2016 - Ford Raptor Shelby
2016 – Ford Raptor Shelby

Ford Raptor exterior is simple sufficient and with that Ford has revealed a pure muscle car truck look that distinguishes the truck from the Raptor. 2016 Ford Raptor Shelby is an extremely special new car with a design that is extremely large and very strong.

The Beast – Ford Raptor Shelby 2016 : Video