2016 Ford F-150 Raptor Engine Specs , Release Date

Ford is planning to bring back the pickup truck, 2016 Ford F-150 Raptor and it will be based on F-150 platform. The exterior body of new pickup truck is made using high quality of aluminum and steel material to improve its fuel efficiency. You can expect ample of cool features from the new commercial pickup truck. The powerful engine of truck will generate greater output compared to its predecessors.

 Ford F-150 Raptor 2016
Ford F-150 Raptor 2016

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of new F-150 Raptor truck will be completely different from its predecessors. In both front and back, it will have a full LED lighting. The distinctive fender of truck makes it look more masculine, rugged and bulky. The truck will have 35 inches of fat tires. The designer has made use of light weighted steel and aluminum material in order to reduce its overall weight. It has an impressive taillight, fog light, chrome grille and new shaped headlamps outside the truck.

Ford F-150 Raptor 2016  Interior
Ford F-150 Raptor 2016 Interior

The interior of new truck includes 8 inches of touch screen on dashboard. The touch screen will come along with navigational infotainment system and many features. It will have a new 360 degree camera technology in order to increase the visibility, parking and navigation. The center console of F-150 Raptor will be redesigned with a latest LCD color screen. The cabin has enough space for leg and shoulder room. The passenger seats are upholstered leather material for the passengers to get comfort.

Engine and Mileage

 Ford F-150 Raptor  2016
Ford F-150 Raptor 2016

The 2016 Ford F-150 Raptor will be powered by 5.4 liter V8 engine. The engine has the ability to generate up to 365 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 420 lb feet of torque at 2,500 rpm. The second engine option will be a 5.0 liter V8 Eco-boost engine, it produces 500 horsepower. You can also find a third engine which is a 3.5 liter Eco-Boost V6 engine with the output of 600 horsepower. The three powerful engines will be combined with 10 speed automatic transmission to convey its power to all four wheels.

2016 Ford F-150 Raptor Price and Release Date

Ford F-150 Raptor 2016  Rear View
Ford F-150 Raptor 2016 Rear View

The price will be more than $ 45,900. The release date of F-150 Raptor is not yet announced by ford, but it is predicted to be released in the beginning of 2015.

Anyone who is looking for a new model truck with good engine output and attractive exterior appearance can seek out for 2016 Ford F-150 Raptor. The F-150 Raptor truck will make you gain smooth riding experience on off road.

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2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor Offers Contenting Driver Modes For Long Drive

2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor is a new forthcoming model truck which swears for impressive exterior style and powerful engine performance. Truck enthusiasts who are waiting to buy adoring truck with appealing interior features can seek this future model truck.

2017 Ford - F 150 Raptor
2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor

Exterior and Interior Details of 2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor

This new model truck will come with an awesome exterior body appearance. The main body of this truck will be wrapped with a high quality of stainless steel. This vehicle will be 6 inches wider in length. In the front end of this truck, you can find extensive fenders, octagonal grille and LED headlights. Two exhaust pipes will be attached on the either side of this truck. It will have a 17 inches alloy wheels which is covered with BF Goodrich all terrain KO2 tires.

2017 Ford - F 150 Raptor Exterior
2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor Exterior

The stunning interior of this truck includes comfortable leather seats, moon roof, leather steering wheel, wider digital supply and suede inserts. You could notice latest camera technology in this future model truck. This raptor car is predicted to be lighter in weight compared to previous models. It has an enhanced infotainment system along with navigation.

2017 Ford - F 150 Raptor Interior
2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor Interior

Engine and Mileage of 2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor

This ravishing truck will be perfectly equipped with a 3.5 liter twin turbocharged V6 ecoboost engine. This V6 engine will produce more horsepower and torque compared to current model’s 411 horsepower and 434 of torque. This V6 ecoboost engine will be mated with 10 speed automatic transmission to produce greater engine performance. This truck can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph within 5.5 seconds. The top speed of this raptor truck is up to 140 mph. This truck can travel up 225 km for every one hour. This 2017 model truck has the capacity to move smoother even on stony road. This truck consumes lesser amount of fuel to deliver higher speed both on highways and city roads. The driver of this truck can choose different driving modes such as Normal, mud, sand mode, weather, Baja, rock and street mode.

2017 Ford - F 150 Raptor Engine
2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor Engine

Price and Release Data

The price of this future model truck will be announced closer to launch. This F 150 vehicle will reach the US market in the early of 2017.

This upcoming model truck would tempt all the truck drivers with its sterling engine energy.  People who prefer to drive a truck with lower fuel consumption can look for 2017 Ford – F 150 Raptor.