2015 Ford Fiesta – Everything That You Would Want To Know

The 2015 Ford Fiesta has been a very sporty car produced by the brand just like the earlier version released in 2011. Driving this car would give you remarkable experience and the car has flamboyant looks. This car is a great combination of both charming and sensible. This car actually proves that not all small and reasonable cars are less comforting and bad performing vehicles.

2015 Ford Fiesta
2015 Ford Fiesta FI

Exterior and Interior Specifications of 2015 Ford Fiesta

The exterior of this car clearly states that cars that are inexpensive does not look bland. It has got a very unique color options that you could choose from. These colors can easily make the car look taut or spunky. This vehicle has got a crisp profile, arched roof line, and side view that looks like a wedge and all these beautify the car. The well fitted headlight on the fenders, the ford grille is wide mouthed and the body work is lower and all of these makes a great combination to create the macho look in the front view of the car. The position of the taillights that rise up to the pillars at the rear looks both stylish and functional.

2015 Ford Fiesta Interior
2015 Ford Fiesta Interior

The interiors of this car are also done beautifully. Inside the car the brand has designed an upper dash that is of soft touch and is present across the lineup of Fiesta. It also had an improvised door trim and dash along with upgraded design of steering wheel and also seat fabrics. But the noticeable improvement in this version of Fiesta is the center and front of the dash in which the titanium models have the Touch interface of MyFord. This is also available in the SE and ST models of this car too.

Engine and The Mileage Details of 2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta Engine
2015 Ford Fiesta Engine

This Fiesta comes along with three engine options that has its own set of character and goals. The majority of the versions includes the 1.6 Lt, 120 HP, four cylinder engine that will have manual 5 speed and automatic PowerShift 6 speed. When driven with the manual option this engine provides 28 mph while driving in the city and 31 mph while driving on highway. And the milage in automatic is 27 in the city, 31 on the highway and 37 when combined.

Price and Release dates

The price of this vehicle is $14, 445 and it will be released before this year end.

If you are looking for a small car with small money and all the possible comfort and performance, then 2015 Ford Fiesta is the perfect car.