2016 Ford Explorer BraunAbility MXV Price, Review

Ford is known for its wide range of elegant vehicles and to add to its credit is the new 2016 Ford Explorer BraunAbility MXV. The latest SUV from the American manufacturer was revealed at the recent Chicago Auto Show for the American audience. It was well received and liked by the audience who checked the car and its features. The collaboration of Ford and BraunAbility has designed the MXV based on the current  Explorer.  The association has offered the Explorer help to further its assistance in taking individuals places they couldn’t go.

2016 Ford Explorer Braunability MXV

Interior and Exterior

The new Ford Explorer BraunAbility MXV 2016 has given wheelchair clients an entirely new and sharp vehicle especially when looking for a car particularly customized to suit their circumstances.

The BraunaAbility and the stock Explorer are indistinguishable aside from the alterations. These adjustments incorporate the adjustable floor that enhances easy access by wheelchair, missing front focus console and the second column seats. Likewise, the swinging back traveler entryway is substituted by a gliding side entryway which obliges the space sparing in the floor’s incline framework. The floor has been straightened down to permit wheelchair client simple access to the lodge and great mobility once inside the lodge.

2016 Ford Explorer Braunability MXV - Interior

The incline is shrewdly covered up on the Explorer’s suspension. The incline is 28 crawls wider and can accommodate 800 pounds. Its surface is covered with nonslip and an open completion that improves footing. It has a diminished height politeness of the smooth move plate that brings down the hoisted joint.

Engine and Mileage Performance, HP

As said before, the 2016 Ford Explorer BraunAbility MXV will be profitable on the Explorer’s Base, XLT and the Limited trims. It’s 3.5 L, the V-6 engine creates 290 hp and 255 lb-ft of torque. The motor is matched to a 6-speed programmed transmission framework that sends energy to the front wheels. AWD is not accessible on account of the brought down floor. The new Ford BraunAbility MXV is EPA-evaluated to return 17 mpg in city, 24 mpg on Parkway and 20 mpg on consolidated drives pretty much as the stock Explorers with the same motor.

2016 Ford Explorer Braunability MXV - Side View


  • Model: Ford
  • Make: Ford BraunAbility MXV
  • Year: 2016
  • Price: $55,000 (USA)
  • 0-62 time: 4.2 seconds
  • Engine: V6
  • Top Speed: 255 bhp (Est.)
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 290HP
  • Displacement: 3.5 L

2016 Ford Explorer Braunability MXV Price And Release Date

Amid the vehicle’s show, BraunAbility stayed tightlipped about its cost. Be that as it may, it is clear that the model will be delivered at the Firm’s office in Winamac Indiana and will be sold to more than 200 merchants in the US beginning this fall. We will update you on its valuing once BraunAbility discharges such data.

2016 Ford Explorer Braunability MXV - Side View 2


The 2016 Ford Explorer BraunAbility MXV for their endeavors in guaranteeing to individuals in a wheelchair get the opportunity to appreciate the delight of riding extravagance SUV vehicle simply like other individuals. Different automakers ought to follow this illustration.

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