2017 Ford F350 Super Duty

2017 Ford F350 Super Duty will soon be declared as the new series is more influential than Ford, this is a car that was developed as a new model that shows the expansion of the car market is extremely good class, corporation reportedly will update as well as improve the truck that has a super duty motor vehicle that is 2017 Ford F350 series.

2017 - Ford F350 Super Duty
2017 – Ford F350 Super Duty

Exterior and Interior

2017 Ford F350 Super Duty has a view that dirivisi particularly on the exterior, Rumor Ford F350 2017 would have many design improvement, and a redesign that make the exterior look of this truck becomes more beautiful and quiet, some trusted sites speak the car’s front display will offer new look better than the precursor super duty truck.

2017  - Ford F350 Super Duty Inteiror
2017 – Ford F350 Super Duty Inteiror

Improvements not merely on the exterior, the indoors of this car also has the considerable improvement made truck look more contemporary and elegant, the interior surface of the new 2017 Ford F350 has new style front, rumor says that the interior surface of the new F350 series is going to be prepared more elegant from its predecessor. Several fixes and feature upgrade also own 2017 Ford F350, F350 in the cabin so you would find a new model of the newest audio and navigation scheme from Ford.

Engine and Mileage of 2017 Ford F350 Super Duty

2017 - Ford F350 Super Duty Engine
2017 – Ford F350 Super Duty Engine

Many fans anticipate the car to the super job of Ford’s getting a new engine is more influential than its precursor, estimates Ford engine upgrade will be made to give more efficient performance as well as fuel consumption the better, as said by some rumors the new Ford F350 would be powered by engines still the similar as the present model is a 6.7 liter V8 engine with a ten-speed broadcast combination that develop a torque monster by  Ford F350 Super Duty 2017

Price and Release Date of 2017 Ford F350 Super Duty

The new 2017 Ford F350 price have so far is hard to estimate, at this time you have to be patient waiting for the appearance of a new car if you actually want to have a super-duty car from Ford.

2017 - Ford F350 Super Duty Rear View
2017 – Ford F350 Super Duty Rear View

2017 Ford Super Duty form the next generation model of an extremely flourishing pickup truck series designed and manufactured by foremost automobile manufacturing firm – Ford Motor Corporation. Finally, for all fans who are keenly waiting for the new generation of this model, well-known company is bringing the grand and notable 2017 Ford F350 Super Duty.

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2016 Ford Super Duty – Engine and Exterior Details

Lately, there had been information that Ford is saving its valuable F 350 platform for something big and that “something big” is lastly here – in the form of 2016 Ford Super Duty. This motor vehicle is definitely the utmost awaited vehicle in Ford, and is predictable to come out by the end of 2015.

2016 Ford Super Duty
2016 Ford Super Duty

Exterior and Interior

Interior aspect of Ford Super Duty will be refurbished with top excellence materials so as to focus on the comfortable and soothing aspects of this car. Total leather upholstery would be made with increased passenger plus cabin space due to enhanced ride width. Additional power features will be incorporated, which include automatic climate control, an improved infotainment scheme with MyFord Touch tech, power steering, and dual LCD display unit. Safety specs have as well been redesigned to suit the level of development made to this car.

2016 -  Ford Super Duty Interior
2016 – Ford Super Duty Interior

Exterior design of Ford Super Duty is going to turn out as an extremely innovative and stunning phenomenon, with a redeveloped chassis. This would decrease the overall weight of the vehicle, thus making it much swifter in addition to more stable than it before was. In adding to that, a lightweight aluminum casing would be done on parts with revamp bumpers, and a redesigned grille constituent. This Ford Super Duty will also have new chrome plates with a sturdy appearance.

Rear View of 2016 Ford - Super Duty
Rear View of 2016 Ford – Super Duty

Engine and Mileage Details

As far as power train configuration are concerned, there have been a lot of speculations. A revamped base unit would be a 6.2 LITER V8 gasoline engine which could produce a max power of 316 HP and 397 lbs. feet of max torque. Another diesel engine would also be available at a 6.7 LITER turbo charger V8 cylinder configuration. This engine spec would yield around 440 HP of max power as well as 860 lbs. feet of maximum torque.

Ford Super Duty Engine - 2016
Ford Super Duty Engine – 2016

Price and Release Date

There has not been any ultimate news as far as the price plus release of Ford Super Duty are apprehensive. However, several predict that it will come out by the ending of 2015 or at the very start of 2016. Estimated cost should not go beyond $35000.

Not only does it have imposing visuals and striking interior, but it certainly lives up to its name in terms of super power train configurations, and drive train specs. Apart from that, fuel effectiveness is also going to be a main upside for this forthcoming vehicle. With renewed transmission spec plus efficient power output occurrence, 2016 Ford Super Duty will surely be an enjoyment for pickup lovers.

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2015 Ford Super Duty – Specs, Price, Release Date

2015 Ford Super Duty is a heavy duty pick-up that claims to be the best in its class. It competes with Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, GMC Sierra 2500 HD and Ram 2500. Super Duty is available in 3 trims – regular, super cab and crew cab.

2015 Ford Super Duty
2015 Ford Super Duty

Exterior and Interior of 2015 Ford Super Duty

The base model of Super Duty has a wheelbase of 137 inches with overall length of 227.6 inches, height of 76.6-79.2 inches and width of 79.9 inches. Its curb weight is 6000-8150 lb.-ft. The cargo box has volume of 77.3 cubic feet. The design is well-proportioned with the hood looking strong and reliable. The Ford logo in the front gives a distinct identity to it.

2015 Ford Super Duty Interior
2015 Ford Super Duty Interior

The interior offers 40.7 inches of headroom, 68.0 inches of shoulder room and maximum legroom of 43.3 inches in the front. It can accommodate 6 passengers. The seats are comfortable and numerous features have been provided for making driving easy and convenient. The 4.2 inches LCD screen is driver-configurable that shows fuel economy figures, towing and off-road information and many more. Other attractive and useful aspects include competent mobile office, under seat locking storage where you can put your laptop, important documents and other valuables. Most interesting is the 110 volt/150-watt power invertor. It is stationed just at the back of the center console and is a conventional AC charger. Voice-activated SYNC offers hands-free calling, Bluetooth connectivity, USB audio facility and intuitive touch-screen controls.

Rear View of 2015 Ford Super Duty
Rear View of 2015 Ford Super Duty

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Ford Super Duty

Two engines are offered with Super Duty. The standard is SOHC 6.2 liter 2-valve V-8 gas engine that raises 385 hp @ 5500 rpm and a torque of 405 lb.-ft. @ 4500 rpm. It can tow at the most 12,500 lbs. For heavier demands, there is OHV 32-valve 6.7 liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel that generates 440 hp @ 2800 rpm and a torque of 860 hp @ 1600 rpm. It can tow up to 14,000 lbs. Both engines are mated with a Ford 6-speed TorqShift SelectShift automatic transmission. Acceleration from 0-60 mph is achieved in 7.6-8.0 seconds while top speed is 95 mph. Mileage for Super Duty is not yet available.

2015 Ford Super Duty Engine
2015 Ford Super Duty Engine

2015 Ford Super Duty Price and Release Date

Its cost ranges from $31,235-$69,250. It is expected to arrive in the US markets in late 2015.

Super Duty is strongly built pick-up that is meant to do heavy demanding work. It is offered with two choices of engines each of which boasts high performance and fuel economy. 2015 Ford Super Duty will be available in the later part of 2015 in the US markets.

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